Mud Flaps For Pickup Trucks: 8 Facts You Should Know

Mud flaps are devices used to protect the vehicle from mud and other debris thrown from the tires while driving. These are mounted on the back of the tires.

As the tires rotate, mud and debris from the road fly off and collide with the vehicle. Mud flaps minimize that impact.

These are often referred to as Mud Guards. These are made of flexible materials such as rubber, stainless steel, plastic, and diamond plate.

These accessories are especially important for pickup trucks. This is because those vehicles often drive off-road and are slightly taller than other vehicles.

Mud Flaps For Pickup Trucks
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1. Do pickup trucks need mud flaps?

There are several main reasons why your truck may need mud flaps. The main reason for this is the safety of your vehicle as well as those around you when you are driving.

Depending on the speed at which the tire rotates, the mud or debris that hits the tire will be thrown faster. It has a high probability of damaging your truck, people around it as well as an object. That’s why these devices have become so much-needed accessories for trucks as well as any vehicle.

In some states, trucks must have mud flaps installed as a regulatory requirement.

2. Do mud flaps really help?

There are several benefits to using mud flaps. The main advantage of these devices is that they protect the mechanical parts of your vehicle and extend durability.

The roads we travel on can have not only mud but also different types of debris. For example, there may be harmful debris such as ice melting chemicals, salt, etc.

Mud flaps play a special role in protecting the mechanical parts of the vehicle from such debris.

Below are some special help from mud flaps

  • Protecting the four doors of the vehicle
  • Limiting the amount of debris thrown by the tires and helping to drive the vehicle evenly
  • Giving the vehicle a visual appeal

3. Can you drive off-road without mud flaps?

The legal background of mud flaps and off-roading

You can drive your vehicle off-road on rough roads without mud flaps. There is no legal issue.

In some states, mud flaps are mandatory when driving large vehicles on the road. Those rules also include trucks. When driving large vehicles without mud flaps, all the stones and debris that hit the tire will fly away and hit the cars coming from behind. It can cause big accidents.

It’s a fact that we all understand that driving off-road and driving on a normal public road are different from each other.

Why mud flaps are needed when going off-road?

When driving off-road you will encounter rough roads. Then various materials such as rock, mud, and snow come in contact with the tires.

Driving off-road without mud flaps can cause extensive damage to your vehicle from debris on that road. They can be expensive repairs.

Driving without mud flaps can even cause accidents, especially in rainy weather. Therefore, it is wise to use mud flaps when driving on rough roads.

4. Do lifted trucks need mud flaps?

When a truck is lifted, its wheels become more exposed. This modification also adds larger tires to fit the truck.

When driving a truck with such exposed wheels on the road, there is a risk of stones, mud, or other debris hitting the wheels and colliding with cars coming from behind.

Therefore, it is a good idea to install appropriate mud flaps after lifting the truck for the safety of other drivers on the road.

Mud flaps can reduce the damage to some extent when driving on snowy roads. They help to reduce the amount of snow flying on the vehicle doors and bumpers.

5. Do mud flaps help in the snow?

When you drive on icy and snowy roads can damage your vehicle in a variety of ways. Snow can damage the interior of the vehicle as well as the exterior. Those damages can be costly repairs later on.

Mud flaps can reduce the damage to some extent when driving on snowy roads. They help reduce the amount of snow that flies over the vehicle doors and bumpers.

Mud flaps retain salt and ice-melting chemicals on the road and minimize snow damage to the vehicle.

6. Are mud flaps required on dually trucks?

A dually truck is a pickup truck with dual rear wheels. This vehicle has two front wheels and four rear wheels and the total number of wheels is six.

These dually trucks have four rear wheels, so throw twice as much rock and mud as other regular trucks. That’s why these vehicles need mud flaps, especially when driving on the road.

In some states, safety guards or mud flaps are mandatory for trucks. That category of trucks also includes dually trucks. The mud flaps used for dually trucks are longer and wider than normal tuck mud flaps.

7. Will mud flaps decrease mileage?

The size of the mud flaps and the material used determine whether or not the gas mileage is reduced.

Splash guards and mud flaps are two devices that do the same thing. But splash guards are shorter and less wide than normal mud flaps. The materials used to make splash guards are also lightweight materials such as rubber.

Splash guard does not reduce the gas mileage of the vehicle. But many car manufacturers claim that large and long mud flaps affect very small gas mileage. Such large and long mud flaps are used only for large vehicles.

Mud flaps used in trucks, cars, and SUVs are smaller in width and length. Therefore, mud flaps do not affect the gas mileage of those vehicles.

8. Can you put mud flaps on a truck with fender flares?

What are Fender Flares?

Fender Flares acts as an extension of the truck. These are fitted to the body line above the wheels of the vehicle. These accessories are available for purchase in a variety of colors and designs.

If you are off-roading in rough terrain, you may need to install these Fender Flares.

Fender Flares and Mud flaps

When installing Fender Flares on a truck equipped with mud flaps, it may be necessary to first remove the mud flaps and then re-install the mud flaps on top of the Fender Flares.

If you need to install both fender flares with mud flaps, there is a great solution. The solution is to buy a single device that comes with both of these devices as one. Then you will not need to drill your vehicle unnecessarily.

There are various prices available in the market to buy accessories that are designed as one device with mud flaps and Fender Flares to suit your truck.

Installing one such accessory may be easier for you than installing two. Installing one such device can also enhance the visual appearance of your vehicle. Then the visual appearance of your vehicle can also be enhanced.


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