Leveling Kit: 7 Important Answers You Need to Know (Explained)

Have you noticed that the front of your vehicle is slightly lower than the rear of your vehicle?

Most truck and SUV manufacturers include a small or medium range of racks in their vehicle design. Rake means slightly lower than the front and rear of the vehicle.

Trucks and SUVs are designed to carry maximum load capacity. Once the load is unloaded, the rear of the truck will be higher than the front.

The leveling kit lets the front and rear of the truck flatten the entire posture of the vehicle. This kit includes hardware to raise the front of the vehicle slightly, thereby equalizing the height of the rear. The leveling kit is generally designed to provide a maximum lift of about 2 inches from the front.

Adding a leveling kit allows you to fit larger wheels and tires in your truck with minimal investment. But this modification is only suitable if you rarely load your truck or pull a heavy trailer.

A leveling kit is a great way to enhance the look of your truck and allows you to mount large wheels and tire fronts without the need for an expensive lift kit.

Can you Off-road with a leveling kit?

The short answer to this question is, yes you can drive your truck off the road with a leveling kit. If you want to improve the off-roading capabilities of your vehicle, a leveling kit is a perfect addition.

A leveling kit increases ground clearance, allowing you to drive comfortably on rough terrains such as snow, rocks, sand, and mud. In addition, it will prevent damage to the front bumper and other important parts from road debris.

Not only can you install a leveling kit and drive the truck off-road, but a leveling kit can greatly improve your truck’s off-road ability.

The leveling kit raises the front of the vehicle to the proper height to improve handling, thus allowing the vehicle to be maneuvered easily even with a heavy element such as snow.

Also, a leveling kit allows you to add large tires to your truck, which enhances the truck’s off-roading capabilities and increases your truck’s performance in any rough terrain.

Do I need bigger tires with a leveling kit?

Most leveling kits give the truck a 1 to 2.5-inch front lift, and the options are limited depending on the size of tires you can apply.

Many leveling kit manufacturers offer tire size guides and some even offer rear wheel spacing recommendations.

Larger tires already fit in the rear, but now with your leveling kits, you can get larger tires in the front. Once the leveling kits are applied to the truck, it is not mandatory to apply large tires. But after this modification, it will be possible to add larger tires.

If you have a 2-inch leveling kit, you can get a two-inch larger tire. You know it definitely fits this way.

Often, the size of the tires and the lift from the leveling kit are the same, but you have to be careful about this. Do your research to make sure it fits.

Do you need new upper control arms for leveling kit?

Control arms are a key part of your front suspension system. These are the links that connect your front wheels and your vehicle.

The control arms are connected to the wheel assembly at one end and the frame of your vehicle at the other end.

The upper control arm connects to the upper region of the front wheel, the lower control arm connects to the lower region of the front wheel and connects both arms to the vehicle frame.

Since the addition of a leveling kit changes the geometry of a car’s suspension system, the replacement of the new upper control arms must be considered. But there are also times when this may not be necessary.

The main reason for replacing a new control arm is to improve the wheel rotation capability in most cases when lifting a vehicle. However, it is wise to replace the new control arm when placing a leveling kit.

 Can you put a leveling kit on a body lift?

Installing a Leveling Kit provides a lift to the front of your vehicle and flattens the entire vehicle. Most Body Lift Kits come with features that flatten the front as well as lift the rear suspension.

Another popular lifting method is to combine the leveling kit and the Body Lift Kit. But changing the aftermarket suspension of your vehicle has a lot of variables, so there is no single answer to this question.

The general recommendation of lift kit manufacturers is that it is not recommended to put a leveling kit on the body lift as any product has its limitations.

Do I need a leveling kit for a plow?

The most commonly used pickup trucks for snowplows. A pickup truck is designed to carry a heavy load on the truck bed, with the rear of the vehicle usually higher than the front.

After you add a plow to your vehicle, it is forced to compress the weight suspension, thereby reducing the height of the front end.

Most leveling kits provide an extra 1-3 inches at the front of the truck. This levels the vehicle and helps carry a front-mounted device, including a snowplow.

This is the biggest reason many truck owners install a leveling kit on their plow truck because of the high plow clearance. But fitting a leveling kit for a snowplow is not essential. It’s up to you to decide.

Leveling kits are not an all-encompassing solution and should be designed for the specific product and model of your vehicle.

With the right modifications, you can mount a snowplow to any leveled truck with a lift of 1-3 inches.

Is leveling kit bad for suspension?

Even a leveling kit can be useful if you intend to go off-road. However, installing a leveling kit cannot guarantee that you will not be disadvantaged.

As with most vehicle modifications, changing the suspension on your truck can be risky. However, a properly installed quality leveling kit will not damage your truck.

Installing a leveling kit changes the geometry of the suspension system of the truck. It has the potential to cause wear and tear on the suspension system due to the unnecessary stress it causes.

This is one of the main disadvantages of a leveling kit. A leveling kit will change the overall design of the vehicle, resulting in a slight impact on the suspension system.

The good news is that with professional installation and routine maintenance, there is a way to avoid these problems. The total weight of the vehicle depends on the suspension, so if the kit is not installed correctly, the suspension will wear faster than usual. Therefore it is important to take care of this issue and perform maintenance properly.

Can you remove a leveling kit?

If you have a truck with a leveling kit, you may need to remove it for resale purposes. Or you may need to remove the leveling kit and install a lift kit.

The simple answer to the above question is yes you can remove the leveling kit from your truck. But it depends on what kind of after-market leveling kit you have added to your vehicle and what type of cut it has installed.

Removing a leveling kit is much easier than removing a lift kit from your vehicle.

Although a leveling kit is easy to remove, it is wise to seek the assistance of a qualified car mechanic. Removing it without proper knowledge can also cause serious damage to your vehicle.

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