Ford Ranger XLT: 10 Things You Need To Know

Not every vehicle can go off-road when you need to. Just a few vehicles actually made to go off-road. One of the vehicles that can go off that road is the Ford Ranger XLT pickup truck.

Ford Ranger is a famous pickup truck that anyone knows. This pickup truck has been updated since its launch many years ago and comes in several models with new additions.

Ford Ranger comes in several models, one of which is the Ford Ranger XLT. This article covers some important things you need to know about this mid-size pickup truck.

The Ford Ranger XLT is a pickup truck that is great for off-road as well as city driving. This is because of the unique parts that are designed to improve the ability to off-road.

One of the main reasons for the vehicle’s popularity is that the parts designed to improve off-road capability are also excellent for city driving.

Ford Ranger XLT
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1. Is Ford Ranger XLT suitable for off-road use?

The Ford Ranger XLT is a mid-size pickup truck that is ideal for off-road driving. It also comes with durable features for adventure travel.

Although the vehicle is primarily designed for off-road driving capabilities, it is also equipped with new technologies suitable for city driving. Therefore, the Ford Ranger XLT is suitable for both everyday driving and rough terrain. That is why the Ford Ranger XLT has become so popular.

The special feature of this pickup truck is that it can wade into the water at a depth of about 31.5 inches, and this is a good value that gets from off-road vehicles.

It comes with several specialized hardware and software that enhance off-road driving capabilities. Below are some of the hardware and software that come with it.

  • Advanced turbocharged gas engine
  • Magnetic-painted alloy wheels
  • Tuned off-road monotube shocks
  • Modified heavy-duty off-road suspension
  • High-strength steel frame and frame-mounted steel bumpers
  • Front and rear tow hooks
  • Off-road hoop-step-style running boards
  • Exposed steel front bash plate
  • Heavy-duty skid plate
  • Terrain management system
  • Trail control system
  • Electronic shift on the fly 4WD system (ESOF)
  • Electronic locking rear differential

2. Can you lift a Ford Ranger XLT?

The short answer to this question is, yes Ford Ranger XLT can lift. When doing this modification it is very important to know what it means to lift a vehicle and what are the considerations before lifting Ford Ranger XLT.

A suspension lift is a modification to increase the height of the vehicle, which is used to improve the off-road performance of trucks, SUVs, and other off-road vehicles. This modification allows for off-road activism by overcoming obstacles on the ground.

A lift kit includes a set of instructions on how to lift a specific vehicle and the parts needed for it. The contents of a lift kit depend on the model of the vehicle and the brand of the lift kit.

Things to consider before lifting a Ford Ranger XLT

  • Your Budget
  • Planned tire size
  • Model year of your Ford Ranger XLT
  • The height of your garage
  • Lift kit types and brands
  • Effect of lift kit on insurance rates
  • Planned use for lifting Ford Ranger XLT (On-Road, Off-Road, and Towing)

Advantages of lifting a Ford Ranger XLT

  • Provides a smoother ride
  • Being able to drive through tough terrain
  • Easy access to the underbody of the vehicle
  • Better visibility
  • Bigger tires
  • Making a big impression

3. Does the Ford Ranger XLT need a transmission cooler?

Whether a Ford Ranger XLT needs a transmission cooler depends on the nature of the one you are using. If you are overloaded or working overtime during trips, it may be a good idea to install a transmission cooler. This is because the transmission cooler keeps the transmission fluid cool and prevents the transmission in this pickup truck from overheating.

The special advantages of transmission cooling are that it helps to prevent costly repairs to your transmission in the future on your pickup truck and to extend the life of the transmission.

Depending on the transmission of the Ford Ranger XLT, there may be several types of transmission coolers on the market to suit your vehicle. But it is better to choose the largest transmission cooler. This is because the larger the transmission cooler, the faster and more effective the results can be.

4. Does the Ford Ranger XLT have a heated steering wheel?

A heated steering wheel is a steering wheel that includes an internal heating element to keep hands warm. This feature can be activated at the push of a button. Some vehicles with this feature also allow you to adjust the steering wheel temperature.

This feature does not come with the Ford Ranger XLT. But there is a misconception among many people that this heated steering wheel feature is included here. That’s because the Ford Ranger XLT has the Heated Seat feature. The heated steering wheel and Heated Seats are two different features.

If you need this heated steering wheel feature for your Ford Ranger XLT, the cheapest and easiest solution is heated steering wheel covers. The heated steering wheel covers for the Ford Ranger XLT can be found in the market at different prices under different brands.

5. Does Ford Ranger XLT have navigation?

A navigation system is a computer system that supports navigation and uses radio or other signal transmissions. There are some cases both methods are used.

The navigation system is important for most drivers. But this navigation system can be even more important for those who travel off-road. There can be many directions when you go off-road. At least this navigation system will help you find the right direction to go.

The simple answer to the above question is yes the Ford Ranger XLT has a navigation system. The SYNC 3 is an excellent system with several different features that come with the Ford Ranger. It includes Bluetooth, music, and especially the navigation system we need.

Ford has developed this system using new technologies to help you get on the right track even when you are off-road. This new system is called Breadcrumbs.

When you go off-road, the Ford Ranger XLT’s SYNC 3 system uses satellite information to track “Breadcrumbs” and help you get back on track. You need to enable this feature when traveling off-road, and then it will help you to go in the right direction wherever you go.

6. Does Ford Ranger XLT have adaptive cruise control?

Adaptive cruise control (ACC) is a security system capable of maintaining distance and speed between the vehicle in front. This automatically controls the acceleration and braking of a vehicle.

This feature can be activated and canceled by the buttons on the steering wheel. In some vehicles, the adaptive cruise control can be canceled by applying the brakes.

Adaptive cruise control feature is an option available in the Ford Ranger XLT. This special safety system is most useful for maintaining the overall distance and speed between vehicles in front when driving on city roads or highways.

7. Can a Ford Ranger XLT tow a car?

To consider whether a Ford Ranger XLT can tow a car, we need to consider the towing capacity of the Ford Ranger XLT and the weight of all car types.

The braked towing capacity of the Ford Ranger XLT is between 3,500 lbs to 7,500 lbs. The unbraked towing capacity is 1500 lbs. From this information, we need the values ​​of braked towing capacity.

The average weight of 5 types of cars is as follows. (According to a reliable source)

  • Smart Car – 2,072 lbs
  • Sub Compact Car – 2,505 lbs
  • Compact Car – 2,919 lbs
  • Midsize Car – 3,361 lbs
  • Large Car – 3,882 lbs

Considering the above values, the average weight of a car is 2,000 to 4,000 pounds. The Ford Ranger XLT has a towing capacity of 3,500 to 7,500 pounds. Here we can clearly see that the Ford Ranger XLT can easily tow any type of car.

8. Does Ford Ranger XLT have a remote start?

A remote starter is a system that allows you to start the vehicle from a distance outside the vehicle using a Smartphone application or remote fob. Basic systems only allow you to turn your vehicle on and off. Advanced systems come with car safety and extra features.

The remote start feature is available in the Ford Ranger XLT 2019, and 2021 models. This feature can be done using a smart key fob and the Ford app.

All you need to know to start the Ford Ranger XLT using the smart key fob from outside the vehicle are a few very simple steps. Those steps are as follows.

  1. First, check the owner’s manual to make sure your Ford Ranger XLT has a remote starter.
  2. Check that the doors and windows of the vehicle are closed. If doors and windows are not closed, close them
  3. Check that the vehicle is locked and if it is not locked then lock it
  4. Come to the front of the vehicle and pay attention to the headlights
  5. Press the lock button first, then the unlock button, then press the lock button again 
  6. Then wait a few seconds, and then the engine of the Ford Ranger XLT will start

The engine can be stopped by pressing the unlock button on the smart key. Or it will shut off on its own after 15 minutes.

9. Will Ford Ranger XLT fit in the garage?

Before looking at whether the Ford Ranger XLT will fit in the garage, you need to know the dimensions of this vehicle. The dimensions of this vehicle are given below.

  • Length – 210.8 inches (17.6 feet)
  • Width – 77.8 inches (6.4 feet)
  • Height – 70.7 inches (5.9 feet)

The Ford Ranger XLT category is a midsize pickup truck. But this vehicle has a slight difference in size compared to full-size pickup trucks.

The following is the size of the garage that fits the Ford Ranger XLT. These sizes are for a garage that fits only one vehicle, and with the minimum sizes.

  • Length / Depth – 20 to 24 feet
  • Width – 12 feet
  • Door Width – 9 feet
  • Door Height – 8 feet

If you already have the garage set up, you can compare this data to determine if the Ford Ranger XLT is fit for your garage.

10. Is Ford Ranger XLT a half-ton truck?

A half-ton truck is a classification that refers to the payload capacities of a truck. It varies between half-ton, three-quarter-ton, and one-ton trucks. Although the half-ton name comes from the payload capacities of this truck class, the load capacity of a half-ton truck can be 1,000 pounds or half a ton. In modern half-ton trucks, this payload capacity exceeds 1500 pounds.

The Ford Ranger XLT is not a half-ton truck. This belongs to the category of a mid-size pickup truck. A mid-size truck typically has less power than a half-ton truck. Mid-size pickup trucks are easier to park and have better fuel savings than full-size pickups.

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