About Us

Many people love off-roading activity because of its unlimited freedom. The experience that comes from it can never be gained by driving on the road.

I’m one of those people who love that different experience.

Hello, I’m Shane Mitch! Founder of Off-Roading Space. I have many years of professional experience in the automotive industry.

Because of my passion for off-roading, it was my hobby to find more information about it.

My goal is to share my experience as well as information I find with people who love off-roading.

At Off-Roading Space, We cover everything about off-road vehicles and accessories. There is more space here for pickup trucks and SUVs from those off-road vehicles.

Our aim is to share with you all the information about vehicles suitable for off-road, and all the important facts about off-roading activity.

If you have any questions, feedback, ideas, inspiration, or just want to share something with us. Feel free to contact us.